Virtual Phone Receptionist

Get a virtual phone receptionist (IVR) for your business.

Using a virtual phone receptionist allows incoming calls to be directed to the right department or person by setting up call forwarding options.

We can record custom IVR phone messages and greetings to add a level of professionalism to your business phone calls.
Listen to how your virtual phone receptionist could sound using our internal recording department.


Why Choose VOIP Phones?

Switch your business landline and number to a modern way of making calls.As well as saving money on your business phone bill your business will be able to benefit from many of the VOIP features that come packaged into our plans.

Take a look at the benefits of choosing us.

Call quality Nottingham

Call Quality

High quality calls.

Get greater call quality even on 4G. Upgrade your business phones today.

Failover protection Nottingham

Failover Protection

Never miss a call.

Unlike a traditional business landline, failover protection allows you to failover to another phone.

No tie ins Nottingham

No Tie Ins

No lengthy contracts.

Growing your team? No problem, you can upgrade your plan at any time.

cloud phone handsets Nottingham

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