Terms & Conditions

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Terms and Conditions of Domain Registration and renewal with us
Effective January 2020

By registering a domain name with us you enter into a contract for us to supply a service. The contract includes conditions limiting our liability and relating to our use of your personal information. This contract is just for the supply of a service during the registration period of a domain name and does not cover providing internet services.

Please also read Nominet Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration - which will also be applied when a .uk varient domain is registered.


How To Check Our Terms & Conditions
Our latest Terms and Conditions will be posted on this page. You should also check the latest Nominet Terms and Conditions PDF

When you initially apply for a domain name through domainsregistered.co.uk, you will receive a copy of our terms and conditions. This should be read and agreed to before proceeding with the purchase of a domain through ourselves.


Availability of Domains
Registration of Domain names operate on a first come first served basis. We have no control over the availability of a specific domain and can only guarantee successful registration once we have had confirmation from a domain name provider.


Domain Pricing
Domains will be priced according to the price quoted by ourselves to you. This will depend on the type of domain and the period of registration


Period of Registration
Domains will be registered for a period of time as requested by you and confirmed by us. This will depend on the type of domain and is usually available of a period of 1 to 10 years. Most domains are usually registered on a 2 year basis. We will confirm to you the length of registration


How do we validate your company information when registering a domain?
The way we validate your information will depend on the type of entity that you are. For Incorporated companies, we will validate your information by checking the public records off Companies House. If you are a private individual, Sole Trader, Partnership we will use your billing information to verify your information against public records. We may need to see proof of identification if we cannot validate this information.


What is the cost for transferring a domain name to a new Registrar?
We do not charge a fee if you should wish to terminate your contract with ourselves or transfer to a different Registrar. Please apply in writing should you wish to cancel or transfer a domain name


What is the cost for transferring a domain name to a new Registrant?
If you need to transfer your domain name into the name of a new owner – for instance, if you have sold your business and the new owner wanted to keep the domain name – we charge a fixed fee of £20 to transfer the registrant details per domain name.


When is an expiry notice issued to advise of the expiry date of a domain?
We will notify you at 28 days before your domain is set to expire, we will send you a renewal notice which will advise the exact date that your domain name will expire. Within this notice, we will also outline how to renew your domain so you can continue service with no disruption. We will also send a further reminder at 7 days. Should a renewal instruction not be received by the renewal date the domain will expire and could be purchased by any other party this is out of our control.


How are renewals charged?
Our domain renewals are usually charged every 2 years and will remain at the same cost as registration unless we have advised of any increases that are being implemented.


What if you do not want to renew your domain registration?
If you decide that you do not wish to renew your domain, we ask that you put this decision in writing at least 10 days before the expiry date shown on your renewal notice.


Reporting Abuse
Should you wish to report abuse such as phishing or spam activity. Please use the following email hello@wigwag.co.uk and we will acknowledge your request within 3 working days.


What if something goes wrong?
Should a domain name be lost / expired / cancelled due incorrect information being supplied to us or non payment we will not be held responsible for this and will not issue a refund. Should we make a mistake the maximum we will pay is the Current Renewal/ Registration fee that has been paid by you minus any full years of registration the have elapsed.


How can I complain?
Should you wish to complain we ask you make this in writing to us at, Domains Registered, Martindale House, The Green, Ruddington, Nottingham, NG11 6HH. We will acknowledge your complaint within 3 days and aim to respond with a solution within 28 days. Should you not be satisfied with the outcome you can escalate your complaint for .uk domains you can complain to nominet. More information is available on nominets disputes page https://www.nominet.uk/complaints/