Ruddington Village Signs

WigWag Ruddington Completed

Exciting new signage to welcome visitors and residents into the village of Ruddington.

Stage 1: design

Tasked with the exciting project of creating new village signage for Ruddington, the Design Team at WigWag worked with Faye from the Parish Council to develop a series of concepts that depicted some of the Village’s most iconic features.
Creating initial watercolour paintings of the Frameworks Museum, Church and Railway, we wanted to evolve these aspects into a design that encompassed several key aspects of the Village in one painting.

stage 1 design ruddigton signage

stage 1 design ruddigton signage img2

Drawing inspiration from the Knitting Museum, St Peter’s Rooms and Rushcliffe steam trains, one of our designers, Owen envisioned a scene whereby a traditional locomotive passes through the Village’s historic buildings.
This concept was further developed into a beautiful watercolour interpretation which has formed the basis of our new signage.


Following the approval of our design, we worked with the Parish Council and Lyndie from Signs Of The Times to create Ruddington’s new boundary signs.
Transforming our concept into beautiful signage, each element of our design was accurately cut from wood and layered to create depth within the depicted scene.

stage 2 build of the times ruddigton signage

stage 2 build of the times ruddigton signage

With the cast created, our watercolour-inspired design was then hand painted on to each of the boundary signs with stunning detail.
Working with a single artist to ensure a consistent style was maintained, the WigWag team are thrilled with the final artwork!


After long awaited anticipation, we are happy to see the new Ruddington signs installed today by RM Installations.
You can see the new boundary signs at the 5 entrances to the Village; Loughborough Road north, Loughborough Road south, Wilford Road, Clifton Lane and Flawforth Lane.

Ruddington Signage Installation


WigWag are really proud to have been commissioned for such an exciting project and would like to once again thank the Ruddington Parish Council for allowing us this opportunity.

WigWag Ruddington Completed