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Google Chrome


WigWag Cloud Line

Make calls directly from your computer.

Make calls on your extension, send SMS messages, access your company phone book and view recent calls.

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The Features

Make Calls from your Browser
Click Calling

1 Click Calling.

Save time, boost productivity.
Make calls on your extension, send SMS messages and more.

Click to Call Feature
Click to Dial

Click to Call.

Call a number in one click.
Our Extension instantly recognises phone numbers on websites.

Send Texts from your Browser
Send Texts from Browser

SMS Messaging.

Text from your computer.
Send and get instant notifications when you receive a text message.

Cloud Phone Book
Shared Phonebook

Cloud Contacts.

Share your phone book.
Call phone numbers on websites in just one click with our Chrome extension.

Cloud Phone CRM Integration

CRM Integration.

Auto-detects numbers within your CRM system.
Our Extension for Chrome enables one click calling of any number it detects, perfect for your online CRM.
Any incoming calls can also trigger a search of your contacts to display the caller’s account or record before even you answer the call.
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