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N.Leonardi Case Study

VOIP For Heating Engineers

How our VOIP phone service improved communication for a Nottingham based heating engineer.

Leonardi phone case study

An introduction to plumbing and heating engineer N.Leonardi.

Nick Leonardi started his family-run business back in 2009 and with over 15 years in the trade from one landline phone.

As the business grew, Nick called on the assistance of his wife, Jenny, who continued to use her own mobile to take customer calls. As the business grew even further, a service engineer, Michael, was employed, once again calling customers from a mobile number.

Equipped with more staff, communication became much more of a challenge, ensuring everyone knew which customers needed services, what jobs were booked and general customer queries increased.

“We had a disjointed mixture of landline and mobile numbers.”

We originally approached WigWag knowing we had a disjointed mixture of landline and mobile numbers and not knowing how to streamline our communications.

Calls were being directed to myself, Nick and Michael’s individual mobile numbers, as well as our landline with no facility to transfer calls.

Starting the business we initially used our landline number so customers could call, however we then found we needed them to talk directly to Nick and vice versa and then once we hired Michael, customers needed to consult with him too. The problem grew.

   - Jenny, Office Manager

“How WigWag transitioned us to their phone service.”

After speaking with the team , WigWag’s VOIP phone service was implemented. The main landline number was transferred over providing one central area.

Creating one central hub allowed Jenny to start answering all calls and directing them if and when necessary to myself or Michael, who were able to use the WigWag Phone service through the mobile app which benefits us as heating engineers.

Allowing myself and Michael to do the core job of installing and fixing boilers rather than answer the phone increased the companies productivity.

   - Nick, Managing Director

Improving N. Leonardi Communications
Improving N.Leonardi's communication with our VOIP phone service.


How we streamlined N.Leonardi’s communication

"In creating one central number we were able to streamline communication throughout N.Leonardi’s business and spread the resources throughout the team if and when needed.

Providing the WigWag Phone service gave N.Leonardi’s team structure and a clear communication timeline."

   Michael, Business Development, WigWag


"WigWag took care of the whole process from configuring and installing the phones, through to installing the mobile app and setting up and transferring our number."

   Nick, Managing Director, N.Leonardi

For Heating Engineers on the Road

Any incoming calls can be transferred from the office or via a virtual receptionist (IVR) to the appropriate team member.

Even if your engineers are out of the office, they can use our mobile app to make and receive calls on the go.

Connect with office phone when on road

Improving N. Leonardi Communications
Improving N.Leonardi's communication with our VOIP phone service.


How WigWag Cloud contacts helped centralise our company contacts.

"Calling the customers became so much simpler. All of our contact numbers were stored in one place allowing me to call customers quicker. I’m also able to see who is calling before I answer any calls, which gives me enough time to prepare and think where I may need to route the call.

Cloud Contacts also allows Nick to be able to call the customer back from the same number I had used, giving the customer the reassurance of who they are talking to."

   Jenny, Office Manager

Improving N. Leonardi Communications
Improving N.Leonardi's communication with our VOIP phone service.


Prioritising emergency calls at the weekend and evenings was a real problem for us.

"We would often get calls at the weekend and evenings that we wouldn’t class as priority jobs or emergency work.

The new system implemented by WigWag means that if a customer calls after 5pm, an email comes through instantly with the voicemail message, allowing us to listen to it out of hours and assess if the customer needs contacting ASAP or whether we can follow up the next day."

   Jenny, Office Manager


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Get voicemails from customers directly to your inbox.

Our business answer phone feature allows callers to leave a message so you can return their call when you are available.

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