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GT Trax Case Study

VOIP Phones for Construction

How we saved GT Trax money on their phone bill with VOIP.

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An introduction to construction and events equipment hire and sales company, GT Trax

Formed in 2005 by Graham Crisp and Trevor Tinker, GT Trax specialise in supplying innovative products for outside events and construction sites, from seating, flooring, temporary walkways and barriers.

As their business grew, GT Trax installed multiple phone systems and lines but they soon realised this came at a premium cost.

WigWag were introduced to us when we were out of contract
with our previous phone providers.

We were paying a premium to operate out of contract so WigWag were able to reduce our bill drastically!

   - Julie-Ann

GT Trax’s existing ISDN equipment and lease was coming to end of its effective life, an upgrade was needed.
- Michael, Business Development, WigWag

Reduce phone bill

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Improving GT Trax Communications.


We were able to save GT Trax over £3000 a year.

When we first spoke to GT Trax we knew we’d be able to reduce the cost of their phone bills drastically. As they were operating out of a phone contract, they were paying a premium to keep everything up and running.

Their previous phone contract was a huge yearly cost of £4056, we’ve been able to help them save over £3000 a year!

    Michael, Business Development, WigWag

WigWag were so enthusiastic about their system, that made them a pleasure to work with.

"When switching phone systems, there are a lot of companies that sell their system in an unapproachable way, with unnecessary fancy features and hidden prices. But with WigWag, they sold us the system on their enthusiasm, they believed in their product and knew it was the right choice for us - that’s what really mattered. "


The WigWag Cloud dialer is so pleasant to use.

"For me the desktop dialer is such an easy, simple tool to use. To call customers with this new system not only allows me to call quicker but I have the reassurance if I needed to work remotely I could, as all the same company contacts are saved directly to the mobile app too "



‘Cloud Contacts’
Enter a number or search the cloud contacts and press ‘Dial’.
Simply pick up the receiver on your desk phone to automatically call.

Pick up the handset on the desk phone to make the outgoing call.
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