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What a brand new WordPress website meant to Manchester plumbing & heating company, The Gas Man.

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Boiler services Manchester
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Boiler services Manchester
Boiler services Manchester
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What rebranding meant to Worcester based plumbing, heating company, The Gas Man.

The Gas Man came to us looking for a bespoke Manchester based website to build up their brand and business throughout the areas they service.

Illustrated WordPress Website

We wanted to design bespoke illustrations for The Gas Man to ensure his customers recognise the areas they service and the services they offer.

We've designed Manchester buildings as well as The Gas Man team to add character and a friendly approach throughout their website.

As well as custom illustrations, we ensured The Gas Man's services are also represented in a visual way. We've added boiler illustrations, colourful buttons and a graphic backdrop.

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Boiler services Manchester

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A quick & easy quote system

Manchester gas man easy quote

The Gas Man needed a site that was easy for customers to navigate and gain information so implementing TrueQuote allows customers to get a quote and a boiler price in a matter of seconds.

We have integrated TrueQuote throughout The Gas Man's website, both on the homepage as well as a dedicated quote page.

A quick & easy quote system

"Not only have we got a new website, we also have branded email signatures, business cards and a new van design."

When creating a new website for a plumbing and heating company, we want to ensure every promotional element, from business cards, to van design and even email signatures feature the bespoke illustrations we create.

The Gas Man came to us initially for a new WordPress website, but we have also gone on to create their email signatures that replicate the graphics found throughout the website, as well as business cards and now even a van design that ties all the branding together.

The gas man branding

The Gas Man Branding Postcard


Postcards are the ideal way for heating engineers to subtly communicate your branding to current and potential clients.

As part of our process of working with The Gas Man Manchester, we incorporated our branding we did for their website onto postcards for them to use with clients.

This can be a simple, yet effective way of communicating what services you provide whilst also carrying out your branding throughout services.

The gas man vehicle graphics

The gas man business card branding

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