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Worcester boiler installer Worcester
Worcester boiler installer Worcester
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Worcester boiler installer Worcester
Boiler installer Worcester
Gas boiler installer Worcester
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Worcester gas boiler engineer Worcester
Worcester gas boiler engineer Worcester
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Boiler engineer Worcester
Prominent Gas | Case Study

What a brand new WordPress website meant to Worcester plumbing & heating company, Prominent Gas.

Boiler engineer Worcester Bosch

Proud to be working in partnership with Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch Partnership

What rebranding meant to Worcester based plumbing, heating company, Prominent Gas.

Prominent Gas came to us to discuss the possibilities that come with working with WigWag.
As the website is the predominant customer touch point, this was our main focus when beginning our re-branding process for Prominent Gas. Our designers and website developers collaborated to create a vibrant and more welcoming homepage that represents their personality. In addition to this, characters illustrations were created for Jordan, the face behind Prominent Gas.

Illustrated WordPress Website


Prominent Gas website before redesign by WigWag


Prominent Gas website redesign by WigWag
Worcester Bosch heating engineer website design by WigWag

Prominent Gas website design layout

Van Design

Prominent Gas van design layout

Prominent Gas van stickers layout

Using graphics that we had already created as part of Prominent Gas'
re-branding, we worked with the team further to create a van design.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Company vehicles are an effective way of almost effortless marketing for your business if your branding is right.

Repeat Business

As engineers at Prominent Gas arrive at their client's address, memorable branding that feels trustworthy sticks with people. Therefore, increases
likelihood of repeat business from customers.

Prominent Gas van layout

Prominent Gas van branded layout

Prominent Gas van design layout by WigWag

Heating engineers comments

"We found WigWag on
Worcester Bosch
Market Place!"


We're also here to help when it comes to getting you on an efficient
communication system, so you can easily stay in contact with your clients.
Prominent Gas got hooked up on our VOIP phone system as well as created a Gmail business account with us.

VOIP Phones

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Phones give flexibility so that you can answer calls remotely from the office as the same number transfers across multiple phones. This was an ideal option for
Prominent Gas as their work style requires in and out of office call taking.

Gmail Business Account

This covers a range of elements such as shared drive and calendars meaning that employees can all see appointments or meetings collaboratively with ease of use.

Want to boost your branding?

Find out how we can help boost your business' branding or download our PDF to find out more.

Explore Prominent Gas' website to see more of what we can do!

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