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Boiler service Lincolnshire cloud
Boiler Repairs Lincolnshire cloud
Boiler Repairs Lincolnshire cloud
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Boiler installations Lincolnshire cloud
Boiler installations Lincolnshire cloud
J&S Plumbing and Heating
Case Study

Lincoln Based Heating Engineer
Discover how we transformed J&S Plumbing and Heating's website!

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J&S Plumbing and Heating

What a brand new website meant to Lincoln based heating company, J&S Plumbing and Heating

Jason from J&S Plumbing and Heating came to us looking for print work, however after our initial conversations we wanted to help Jason develop his website so any print work created would be consistent, professional and ensure we get across their locality.

New Website Design

New Website
We worked together with J&S Plumbing and Heating to produce a professional website which represented their brand through bespoke graphics. We incorporated a streamlined, easy to navigate layout with a large amount of visuals to highlight all the services which J&S Plumbing and Heating offers to their customers and ways to get into contact with the team if you have any questions.

The mixture of infographics and text we included also allows for customers to skim through the website if they're short on time, whilst still gaining all the information they need.

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Bespoke website design WigWag

WigWag specialist website design J&S
WigWag specialist website design J&S

Bespoke Character Illustrations

We created bespoke illustrations of each of the different team members at J&S Plumbing and Heating that promotes their friendly and dedicated team as well as making their brand a more personal one.

Bespoke character illustrations WigWag


Dedicated air conditioning webpages WigWag

Air Conditioning
We created a dedicated web page for J&S Plumbing and Heating's air conditioning services so that customers can easily view and gain all the needed information helping J&S Plumbing and Heating reach more people interested in air conditioning.

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Seasonal Design
We created a range of graphics based on the season promoting J&S Plumbing and Heating's services, this makes the brand more engaged with its customers and showcases a more fun, creative side to the brand while still advertising J&S's services.

Promotional seasonal banner WigWag

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