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Fast Graphics Case Study

ISDN to VOIP Switchover

How we made the ISDN to VOIP switchover a seamless process.

Fast Graphics VOIP phone case study

An introduction to bespoke signage company, Fast Graphics.

Tony Bates created Fast Graphics in 2003 offering an exceptional service throughout Nottingham then expanding nationwide to provide high quality bespoke signage.

As the business grew the Fast Graphic team were using traditional phone methods. They knew they’d need to adapt as the business changed and grew, they needed a virtual receptionist to direct their calls for them allowing the team so stay productive.

“We originally approached WigWag knowing we had to adapt our phone system to something much more dynamic and reliable.”

For me I faffed around over VOIP for a long time, I knew I should change to a VOIP system but now I find I haven’t got time, I didn’t really understand what it was and how do I do it.

   - Tony Bates, Company Director

When we were told it was a month on month contract we almost didn’t believe it.

We were all so scared of signing up so when we were told that it was a month on month contract, we almost didn’t believe it.

It still surprises us the service is as good as it is, as the system has done
absolutely everything you’ve said it would. Not all phone companies can say that about themselves.

   - Tony Bates, Company Director

Once we’d done all the calculations we worked out that Fast Graphics were saving £94.79 a month. A total of £1137.48 a year!

   - Michael, Business Development, WigWag

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Seamless switchover from ISDN to VOIP.


The WigWag Cloud app reassured us we’d never miss a call.

"I know my mobile app will ring no matter if I’m in or out of the office. This knowledge will always allow me to have the flexibility of working remotely as and when I need to"

   Tony Bates, Company Director

The installation was completely seamless and went as smooth as possible.

"Fast Graphics knew very specifically what they were looking for, which for us was great. When we carried out our site inspection they already had an existing network in place. Rather than changing any of this we tested this and made sure our system would work with it all. Following the installation of the phones we transferred over the number making a completely seamless switchover, all carried out by ourselves so not to disrupt the business and it’s incoming calls. All Fast Graphics had to do was give us the go ahead"

   Michael, Business Development, WigWag

"You were honest, said it’s not just about your services as much as it is with our current office setup, but the installation all went as smooth as possible."

    Tony Bates, Company Director

For us the WigWag Cloud dialer is so important to synchronise contacts between the office and engineers on the road.

"With our staff working in the office as well as remotely - installing our signage, having all our company contacts saved onto both the Chrome app and mobile app allows the whole team to contact our customers. "

   Jenny, Office Manager


‘Cloud Contacts’
Enter a number or search the cloud contacts and press ‘Dial’.
Simply pick up the receiver on your desk phone to automatically call.

Pick up the handset on the desk phone to make the outgoing call.
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