HDS Plumbing & Heating Case Study

VOIP For Heating Engineers

How our VOIP phone service improved communication for a Milton Keynes based heating engineers.

Phone Installation HDS Plumbing And Heating

An introduction to plumbing and heating engineers HDS Plumbing & Heating.

HDS Plumbing & Heating are a family run plumbing and heating company servicing Milton Keynes, taking calls on a home landline number as well as a works mobile phone.

The team had to divert their landline number to an engineers mobile when out on jobs as well as passing the additional works mobile around engineer to engineer.

In 2021, the HDS team were expanding and moving into a permanent office. Knowing that their customers often used their landline number, they asked their previous provider if they could move the landline number into the new premise, to which they didn't get a definite answer.

“We didn't have a simple solution until WigWag came along.”

We were recommended WigWag by our Worcester Bosch BDM after discussing the need to refine our phone service.

We were moving premises and wanted to ensure our landline number went with us. However talking it through with our previous provider, it was very confusing.

They wasn't sure if they could guarantee we could move it but it was historically a number our customers recognised.

“After speaking with WigWag we were reassured. ”

They knew the number could infact be moved and actually ported into their own VOIP phone service. WigWag have been super supportive following our move to new premises.

They completely took the stress out of dealing with our broadband and landline providers by taking care of the porting process, securing our landline and keeping business disruption to a minimum. Whilst we are new the WigWag VOIP solution, the implementation and back up support to date has been nothing short of excellent. It is so refreshing to speak to named contacts, who take the time to understand you and your business.

   - Michelle, Office Manager

HDS Plumbing And Heating VOIP Phone Service

We were able to save HDS' landline number.

When we first spoke to the HDS team we were surprised that their current provider couldn't guarantee they'd keep their number when moving offices. Not only were we able to port their existing landline number into our system, we also diverted their works mobile into the system too. That meant the office staff could answer any enquires, whilst the engineers out on the road stuck to installing the boilers!

   - Michael, Business Development, WigWag

"We're now using the WigWag portal and dialler"

WigWag have an online portal that allows us to change our own settings, so if we want to point calls out to Harry on the road we can or if we want to introduce an IVR menu (press 1 for a boiler installation, 2 for accounts) we can create our own to suit our needs.

WigWag also have a Chrome dialler that keeps all our contact numbers so we can easily dial each number by simply typing in our customers name.

   - Michelle, Office Manager

WigWag Chrome Dialler

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