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Knowledgeable heating engineers providing quality central heating throughout Norwich.

Knowledgeable heating engineers providing quality central heating throughout Norfolk, Suffolk and the surrounding areas.

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What a brand new website meant to Norfolk, Suffolk based heating engineers, Gas and Air Tech

Gas and Air Tech got in touch with us looking to discuss a brand new website with bespoke illustrations showing landmarks based around Norfolk, Suffolk where they currently service.


Gas and Air Tech Before Redesign By WigWag Nottingham


Gas And Air Tech Bespoke Team Characters
Gas and Air Tech after redesign by WigWag Nottingham
Gas And Air Tech, Website Visuals
Gas and Air Tech's previous website was very stock image based and wasn't as personable as they'd like. The team at Gas and Air Tech saw a selection of our other websites and loved the personalised, friendly feel and knew their customers would better relate to that type of imagery.

As well as producing graphics centred around Norfolk, we created bespoke character illustrations of the team to help introduce themselves to their customer base. Not only does this help with the customers so thye know who they're dealing with but it's also a light-hearted, fun addition to the website. We even created an illustration of Dottie the office dog!
Bespoke Characters Gas And Air Tech

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