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Plumbing & Heating Engineers, Ramsgate

Specialists in the installation, repair and servicing of boilers, operating throughout Kent.

Specialists in the installation, repair and servicing of boilers, operating throughout Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Margate and all of the surrounding areas.

22 Degrees Heating

What a brand new website meant to Ramsgate based heating engineers, 22 Degrees Heating.
22 Degrees Heating got in touch with us looking to discuss a brand new website with bespoke illustrations showcasing the local landmarks and coastal scenery of Ramsgate.

New Website Design

New Website
We worked together with 22 Degrees Heating to produce a professional website which represented their brand through bespoke graphics with unique designs relating to their location. We incorporated a streamlined, easy to navigate layout with a large amount of visuals to highlight all the services which 22 Degrees Heating offers to their customers and ways to get into contact with the team if you have any questions.

The mixture of infographics and text we included also allows for customers to skim through the website if they're short on time, whilst still gaining all the information they need.

See Website

WigWag bespoke new website design 22 Degrees Heating

WigWag expert website design 22 Degrees Heating
WigWag specialist website design 22 Degrees Heating

Bespoke Character Illustrations

We created bespoke illustrations of the team at 22 Degrees Heating making their brand a more friendly and personal one.

Bespoke character illustrations WigWag

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