Virtual Landline
with Call Routing

Direct calls to the office, direct to engineers on the road or to your voicemail with our Virtual Landline Call Routing feature.

Our virtual landline allows you to choose where your calls are directed and to who. Do you need different people to answer your calls depending on what time of day it is? Our time intervals allows you to do just that for just £30 per month*!

*Includes 1000 incoming minutes, for more information talk to our team.

See our example below.

Business Phones Nottingham

Route calls to the receptionist

9am - 1pm - will forward to 07900xxxxx (Emma in the office).
Business Internet Phones

Route calls to the engineers

1pm - 5pm - will forward to 07900xxxxx (Ed the engineer).
Internet Phone Systems

Calls route to the voicemail

5pm - 9am - voicemails go to your chosen email address.

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