VOIP Phone
Call Recording

Enable and disable call recording as required.

Enable call VOIP recording and add an extra level of security and protection to your business.

Monitor staff performance and customer call experience with VOIP call recording or use this feature to recall key messages and notes from important calls. This we feel is really useful with engineers where it is not always possible to have a pen to hand, but feel key points need to be noted. The recording allows the call to be played back easily later on.


VOIP Call Recording
Enable Call Recording


Enable and disable the VOIP phone call recording feature when and where you need it. Alternatively, have the recording feature continually on. All of your phone recordings are stored in the cloud, meaning you get instant access to them wherever you are from a browser login, from your computer, tablet or phone. Keeping you in touch with your business even when you're not in the office.

Access to voice records can be altered depending on the level of the user. So for example an user may not have access to the records or maybe only there own phone call recordings. Whereas an administrator can enable access to see the whole team call recording. This allows for confidentiality been users and customer calls.

For more details on how to set up recording your conversations on inbound and outbound calls. Watch this tutorial.

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Our feature rich VOIP phone service is a perfect upgrade to your business. Giving you all the features of a large phone system without a large
telecommunications budget. Our service allows you to pay per user and therefore add users as you need them and reduce them as your teams changes.

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